Darwins Disco

Darwin's Disco was made at the Global Game Jam 2011 with 6 developers in 48 hours.

If Darwin was right, all odds are against this creature! Control the last one of these magnificent creatures with up to 4 friends! Every player controls a part of the creature: The legs, the wings, the tail and the head. If you work as a team you will survive the longest, and get the highest score! Keep your focus however, because the roles the players have change every once in a while!

Of the 24 teams competing in the dutch part of 2011 Global Game Jam competition, We were just out of the prices with a 2nd place Audience awards, and a 4th place at National Game Jam 2011!

Note that you need 4 XBOX controllers to be able to play this game!

Download the game here!

Featured at Indigo 2011 and by GameKings at First Look 2011

Darwins Disco Trailer
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