UDK Level Design

This is a UDK level designed for a 4 player deathmatch. The level is inspired by a small story 'Thekla' out of the book 'Invisible Cities' by Italo Calvino.

In TheklaStruction you see skyscrapers build out of buildings on top of each other, hold together by scaffolding, build on the location of the stars based on the Greek god Hercules. The building on top of the Skyscraper is build in the renaissance style.

To create an interesting level that is fun to play I used some common rules in level design. The 8 loop rule, this is almost the same rule as the 3 way rule, so you can always run away from your enemy and outsmart him. Two ground levels, creating vertical play for more interesting paths and forcing the player to look not only left and right, but also up and down. Visibility open / close, small windows to hide and track your enemy but hard to kill trough. And Open rooms and square where you are an easy target, but good spots to place the heavier pickups to keep the weapon pickups balanced.

While placing the props I really had to look out not to damage the game play and break the flow of the level. Because if a player is only avoiding the props instead of fighting his enemy then the level gets annoying. The level is fun for beginners and pro's with easy paths and exportable ninja/jump roots.

The building is in symmetry. to create a difference in side I used the shadow of the sunlight to make one side darker. I also made sure every room had some different key elements so the player always could recognize where he was.

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