Croctail is the Audience award winning game made during the Global Game Jam 2012, Hilversum. Croctail is a fast paced Lan-party multiplayer game, which you can play with your friends or against bots.

The game was created from scratch within 48 hours, with a team of six, 'Ragesquid'. The team was divided in three programmers and three visual artists. Both the concept and design were created by the whole team. And I, as one of the three visual artists, was responsible for the user interface and menu, the overall textures and the concept of the crocodile, and some prop models.

When the game starts you are the king of a given color, protect and spread your color by biting the tails of the other crocs. If you get bitten however, you will lose your crown and can no longer spread your original color. Now you are a servant of another crown. Though, you can still get points, so keep biting those tails!

You can download the game here.

Croctail Trailer

The Global Game Jam 2012 Audience award winning game Croctail also has been showcased at Control Game Lab 2012.

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