Dwarves vs. Goblins

This project is my IGAD specialization, from the bachelor education IGAD, International Game Architecture and Design at the NHTV in Breda, The Netherlands. I wanted to specialize myself in concept art by digital painting.

I created a story about the conflict between the ingenious Dwarves and the naughty Goblins. Based on the story I could visualize the concept design from the characters and their environment. I tried to give every painting a feel of depth, life and something funny to laugh about.

The Dwarves and Goblins always have a different opinion about their Island. Because the dwarf’s invented the smoky engine their village starts to grow fast. Because of this expansion the goblins are forced to move. They try to keep out of the by sabotaging their machines and setting traps. But When the expansion is taking almost the whole island, the goblins need to stand their ground to fight for the last bit of forest on the island.

Paintings were hand drawn on a Wacom Tablet with Adobe Photoshop.

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