Sheriffs and Sombreros

Sheriffs & Sombreros is the 'KLEINE UIL', national prize, winning game of the 2013 Global Game Jam. It is a two-player game about the rivalry between the Sheriffs and the Sombreros in a small town in the wild West. In an old-fashioned shoot out, these gangs compete against each other.

The game was created from scratch within 48 hours, with a team of six, 'Ragesquid'. The team was divided in three programmers and three visual artists. Both the concept and design were created by the whole team. And I, as one of the three visual artists, was responsible for the characters and the overall textures.

Download the game here!

Also take a look into the published articles at the CONTROL magazine website, about Sheriffs and Sombreros winning the Audience award at the Global Game Jam Breda 2013 and the winning of the National prize the 'KLEINE UIL'.

Sheriffs and Sombreros Trailer

Have some rivalry of your own? Connect two Xbox controllers to your PC, and take control of one of the rival gangs to outsmart your opponent! Use the triggers to pull your weapon or shield up and press A to shoot.

Download the game here!

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